A Gene Therapy Company Leading Neural Regeneration and Repair

About Us

NeuExcell is an early stage gene therapy company focusing on neurodegenerative diseases.  We have developed a disruptive neural repair technology that utilizes in vivo astrocyte-to-neuron conversion.

Our vision is to improve the quality of life of millions of patients worldwide who are suffering from neurodegenerative conditions by using the power of gene therapy to restore damaged neural tissue.

In Vivo Regeneration - A Breakthrough in Brain Repair

Despite significant investment in research in the past decades, therapies that can reverse the progression of Alzheimer's disease, effectively treat stroke, or manage the devastating neurodegenerative impacts of rare diseases such as Huntington's disease and ALS remain elusive.  The fundamental problem that has not been adequately addressed is how to recover the millions of lost neurons needed to restore function.

In neurodegenerative or acutely injured brains, neurons die while glial cells, a group of supporting cells surrounding neurons, become reactive and proliferate. Our in vivo transdifferentiation technology takes the advantage of those reactive and proliferative  glial cells and converts them into neurons with high efficiency.

We use AAV gene therapy to deliver specific factors to a targeted site in the brain or spinal cord that can reprogram the reactive glial cells already present in the damaged region to produce functional neurons.  The newly generated neurons integrate into existing brain circuits, leading to functional recovery.

This technology has a broad scope of applications to treat neurodegenerative diseases and neural injuries.

Management Team

Ronald HW Lorijn, MD, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Xi Qin

Chief Financial Officer

Gong Chen, PhD

Chief Scientific Advisor

Lori Gavrin, PhD

Chief Business and Strategy Officer

Xudong Yin, PhD

Board Chair

Russ Addis, PhD

Vice President,

Peter Tombros

Board Director

Jie Xu

Head of Discovery